One month down...

 South Beah

South Beah

So we have been away, but not resting. We've had a busy month with the move (new house, some shoots, etc... but at least we didn't steal any content).

We had some shoots the past month and some challenges, but overall, I think we managed to come on top and make some rather nice images.

First we had a bridal shower, and we walked in the dark for it. We didn’t know the setup, we didn’t know the available space, and we didn’t know how we were going to pull it thru… TOTAL PPP. We packed all of our speedlites, some umbrellas, and we crossed our fingers.

We ended up using a cross light setup with the umbrellas for the portraits (TTL controlled with an ST-E2 trigger), and available light for the “details” shot, and even though I wish I had brought Studio Heads instead, we pulled it thru (although I’m sure that the poor 430EXII flashes were sweating).

Then we had visitors from Virginia, my good buddies the goons, the basement brothers, the basement jiu-jitsu guys; Kyle, Justin, and (Justin’s lovely wife) Karla.  Not much to say here, the original plan was to go do some BJJ, but eventually we dropped that due to time constraints, and we decided to just eat and drink instead (overall , not a bad plan. Also, totally accomplished).

And then, we were sick…

The following Saturday  we had plans for a benefit shoot and for Morikami’s museum lantern festival, but we caught a brutal cold that left us ordering food online, and laying on the couch feeling like crap. Needless to say, we didn’t make it to any of the shoots for Saturday, but then we had Sophia on Sunday.

The original shoot was supposed to be a 3 light setup (2 Studio Heads for the background, and a light source for Sophia), but here’s the thing, when you have a 2 feet high kid, who doesn’t want to stay in a single point, all the plans go to hell and you’re left there improvising. We corrected this by throwing a single Studio Head high and forward on a C-stand (for the background), and then put a single Studio Head on a small octa (at model’s height) from the side.

This setup allowed me to move the octa (to follow the model), and to keep the background lit (nothing to write home about, simple pictures with simple lighting).

Then, for the last weekend of the month, our favorite (and only), makeup artist, had a shoot set up for us at her real workplace. And again it was one of those situations where the plan and the reality did not match, but again, we ended up making the most out of it, and walked out with some images of the makeup artists, and sale reps. Simple setup, we had recently acquire a 600W Studio Head, and a 60 inches Octa (dubbed, big momma), so we used it as the main light, a gridded beauty dish as rim light, on a black background.

And that is it for last month, we have a couple of personal shoots lined up this month, and Gabs (our makeup human); will be busy for the rest of the year on weekends, which will limit our shoots a little bit. But it will allow us to story board a big shoot we are planning for early 2014 (also, we have our hands kinda full with the move to the new house, so this might end up being a blessing in disguise). So hopefully I will be able to update sooner rather than later.

Until next time.

Andres Trujillo