Photography is what brought us together... and what we want to share with the world! 

Hi, My name is Andres Trujillo  

I was born and raised in Venezuela, and I now live in Miami, FL.

I love gear, I love the process of making a picture, and I love chasing the image in my mind. I am a published photographer, a writer, and I make a mean ahi-poke


I am Patty Pinies, Andrés' partner in crime in this (and many other) projects and things in life. 

Also Venezuelan and living in Miami... not so original up to now, huh?

I love color and images and bringing them to life through photography... I am truly passionate about portrait photography! 

I also love cooking, diving and I am a Crossfit enthusiast, although I´m not (and think never will be) as good as the tuff guys & girls in the box.